Pollination Academy


Pollination Academy is not just any school. It’s a way to put ourselves in a place where some things become self-evident, like the care for life and the regenerative approach to places and beings. 

None of this would happen without the help, the energy, and the constant inspiration of our partners.

A partnership with Pollination Academy is about sharing energy and new challenges to take us further into a life-generating culture. And all our partnerships go both ways - there has to be a mutual benefit.

We develop ideas together, contribute to common projects and events, support with finance, space, or sheer beauty. We are connected to our partners through a common vision for the culture we want to be part of.

If you think this might sound interesting, drop us a line or give us a call.

See a list of our partners below - individuals and organisations.

For further questions or collaboration write to contact@growing-pathways.com or click contact.
The Pollination Academy - Summer School is supported by Amager Øst Lokaludvalg