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Are you ready for more, ready to take the deep-diving Pollinator Learning Pathway?

Join us for 6 months of inspiration, podcast content, online workshops, weekly exercise packs, an optional 4-day immersed workshop in France in May, an amazing community, and countless memorable moments that will change the way life breathes through you.

                    (Image by Albrecht Fietz from Pixabay)

You can sign up to reserve a seat on the learning pathway - you decide when you are ready to commit and pay.

Sign up in December or January to get the early butterfly rate!

If you are curious but you don’t know if you want to join the full program, you can already sign on for the community platform for free.

If you want to know more, drop us a line at contact@growing-pathways.com.

What about treating the earth like it was our home?
The challenge that we face as a species in a climate we have made unstable goes deep into our existential, cultural core. 

We may come from the stars, but the earth is where we live. Even if we might someday learn to travel far enough to colonise new places and space(s), we will still have to learn to be life-friendly to the place we already inhabit. It’s time to learn how to live here again as non-extractive residents in eco-systems.

The aim is not to go “from inside to outside” or vice versa. It is a journey through the core dimensions of our civilisation, to come out at ease with our condition of being entangled in a world where we are at home. 

In 2022, we will offer a smaller group the possibility to develop such capacity in common - and grow the potential for life-enhancement offered to us everywhere.

Step-by-step into entangled life
The Learning Pathway is where you go from small experiments and new friendships to deep commitment and long-term action, and through six months of “existential hack school”, develop practices to support you in changing the game where you are.

From early 2022, the longer Learning Pathway programs will develop a network of Pollination Pilots, able to work not only with local settings but also take the rooted knowledge into the global web of sites and action-learners.

The Learning Pathway is based on two germs that come together in a deeply transdisciplinary and limitless learning process.

The first germ is the program created out of the deeper work curated in “All Over – developing a daily practice of re-membering, re-minding, and re-kindling our existential tension in the entangled Anthropocene”.

This work, which comes out of 20+ years of practice and research in the crosspaths between culture, science, nature, and sustainability, will be published as 9 small books for the first Learning Pathway in 2021.

The second germ is the fellowship created with the partners of the Pollination Academy, taking us from ideas to realization all across the globe. Without all the people, beings, and places that inspired and provoked from 2006 to now, none of this would see the light of day.

You will meet many of these partners during the Summer School, and many more in the Learning Pathways.

For further questions or collaboration write to contact@growing-pathways.com or click contact.
The Pollination Academy - Summer School is supported by Amager Øst Lokaludvalg